Living With the Virus

People management at Costco to help regulate the number of shoppers at one time and to maintain social distancing.

It’s been just over two weeks since our daughter called us – I should say lectured us – about taking the virus threat more seriously.  Since then, we’ve stayed inside except to walk the dog and to quickly run essential errands.

It’s a strange feeling.  I’m retired so I don’t really HAVE to be anywhere. Through the wonders of Medicare,  I have a free gym membership which I was enjoying several times a week.  I play golf.  I have several volunteer activities and I was finding my retirement days were busy and full.

Until it all shut down. 

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African American Voices from Ventura County’s Past (via Museum of Ventura County)

Written by Andy Ludlum, Library Volunteer

Recorded interviews in the Research Library’s oral history collection give us a glimpse into the lives of two remarkable women who were members of the earliest African American families to settle in Ventura.

Source: Museum of Ventura County