Octopus Birdbath Restored

The mosaic birdbath I made last year for my daughter Mariel was damaged when high winds during a February 4th storm sheared off a massive tree branch that came crashing down onto the bird bath in her back yard in Pacifica.

When the tree was removed, the birdbath was four pieces. I was hopeful that I could put the pieces back together using concrete epoxy. Who knew? This thick gray stuff was nasty, but effective. It was designed for gluing marble headstones back on their bases, so I figured it would be tough enough to hold together a bird bath.

Once together, I had to use a Dremel tool to carve out space for the replacement tiles. Mariel found many of the original tiles and one of the eyes, on the ground and I used all of them in the restoration. The gallery below takes you through the entire restoration.

It was a fun project and I think the end result is almost identical to the original. You can see some slight differences below. The original is on the right with the bird visiting.

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