Latest woes for Boeing’s grounded 737 Max: Predatory falcons and pigeon corpses

A peregrine falcon can be seen amid brackets atop the roof of the plant in Renton, Wash., where Boeing made 737 Max planes until production was suspended. (Richard Read / Los Angeles Times)

The falcons are messy eaters. After they dive-bomb their prey, severed heads, wings and feet plop onto the factory floor and a lunch area, soon followed by feathers.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner!

Our backyard bird feeders have attracted a Cooper’s Hawk.  After the fact, I read some of the bird guides like Audubon and found if you put out seed in your back yard, there’s a good chance you attract the attention of a Cooper’s Hawk, because they mainly eat birds.

This hawk was quite fearless and let me walk up to within six feet of him before he flew away. Continue reading “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner!”