Happy Birthday Phoebe

Phoebe is one! She’s become a wonderful part of our family! She has her routines. We don’t take any credit for this — somehow she taught herself to run out in the morning and bring in the newspaper! (She’ll surrender it, unharmed, for a modest treat.) She’s responsible enough to be off leash in an open space near our home and every morning she goes for a romp in the fields and runs down to the creek to swim — much to the displease of ducks living in the big pools. The two pictures show her today and at about one month. She still has the same expression. She’s got a great, loving personality and wants to meet every person and dog.

She is only allowed on two pieces of furniture. (I know, spoiled.) One, a covered ottoman that we call her “princess bed,” and the other, a reclining chair in the family room. Despite her increasing heft, she still likes to sleep on our laps when were are in the chairs.