Long Exposure Photos Capture the Light Paths of Drones Above Mountainous Landscapes

Photographer Reuben Wu creates images that reveal an alien splendor in natural and manmade landscapes across the globe. Previously he has explored the brilliant blue rivers of molten sulfur in Indonesian volcanoes, and photographed the thousands of glistening mirrors that compose Nevada’s SolarReser

Source: Colossal

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner!

Our backyard bird feeders have attracted a Cooper’s Hawk.  After the fact, I read some of the bird guides like Audubon and found if you put out seed in your back yard, there’s a good chance you attract the attention of a Cooper’s Hawk, because they mainly eat birds.

This hawk was quite fearless and let me walk up to within six feet of him before he flew away. Continue reading “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner!”