Mona Lisa’s Last Visit

Crowd inside the Metropolitan Museum views the “Mona Lisa.” Photo: Margaret Leslie Davis

I remember it was difficult to get close enough to see.  I wasn’t that old, and I didn’t have enough size to muscle my way through the crowd.  She was high up on a wall, higher than you’d expect to see a painting in a museum.  And she was in a bullet proof case.  But somehow, her sly smile shown through the thick glass. It was unmistakable, it was the Mona Lisa.

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How a dark and incomprehensible Game of Thrones episode exposed the limits of streaming technology

​How did one of the most anticipated television events of the year turn into an incoherent anti-climax for viewers? What went wrong with the latest Game of Thrones episode? Did the creators of the show make a grave technical error or is this an illustration of the limits to streaming technology?