Time to admit owning 40% of the world’s guns is wrong

Mourners after the shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks. Credit: CNN

I used to think after each horrific shooting that now -finally – something would have to be done.

Each event seemed more terrible than the last. Surely murdering kindergarteners would bring people together to demand change. Surely cutting down teenagers in their classrooms would make people say enough is enough. Surely mowing down a crowd in a Las Vegas plaza would lead people to cry out for this senseless violence to stop.

Shooters possessed by various demons are not identified as threats until after they fire into synagogues, churches, movie theaters, nightclubs and country western bars.

Now it’s happened closer to home, maybe even to families we know at a place where our own children danced. It’s time for action. We need to put pressure on our lawmakers to justify why we need to own 40% of the world’s guns. And if they can’t – what will they commit to do to address the problem? I’m not going to support politicians who are unwilling to boldly address this critical issue.  

We can no longer pretend to be surprised that we have a violent culture when there are 265-320 million guns in civilian hands in the U.S.

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